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Introducing Studio Day – Your One-Stop Solution for Design, Planning & Building Projects

studio day

Untangle your design, planning, or building project knots!  Collaborate with our expert team either in-studio or remotely to find creative and practical solutions.


We offer real-time feedback on everything from floor plans to furniture and finish selections, helping you make strategic decisions. Whether you're buying a new house or scaling back a project, we're here to help.

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Book your Studio Day appointment today and move your project forward with confidence!



Studio Day is your one-stop solution for design, planning and construction projects. 


Our expert team will help you overcome uncertainties and develop a tailored strategy for your project. 


During the session, we'll brainstorm ideas and create a clear plan to move forward. 


By the end of the day, you'll have a better understanding of your project's potential and a solid plan of action. 


Book your appointment today and take the first step towards realising your project's full potential.


Interior Solutions offers a Studio Day session for interior design. 


We measure up, create a 2D floor plan, use 3D visuals and help you select the best materials, colours, and finishes. 


Our personalised solution considers the functionality and flow of the space, as well as any unique features or challenges. 


Book a session to bring your vision to life, whether it's a kitchen, bathroom, or any interior space.


Planning Surgery helps plan your home extension with advice on how to achieve it based on planning policies.


We'll ask for details like photos, planning info and your ideas before the session.


During the session, we'll discuss design options and advise on permitted development and planning loopholes.


Afterward, we'll give you a report with options and a plan to help you achieve your goals.


Looking to extend your home but not sure where to begin? Our Home Extension Viability Consultation can help you figure out if it's a good idea and how much it will cost. 


We’ll come to your home, chat with you, your builder and engineer (if necessary) and take local planning policies into consideration when evaluating costs and discussing design ideas. 


Our aim is to provide you with all the knowledge you need to make a confident decision about your home extension project. 


Contact us today to learn more.


Introducing our Pre-Purchase Appraisal - the key to making an informed decision about investing in a new home. 


We'll meet on-site with you, the estate agent and a builder to discuss design ideas, evaluate costs, and explore garden options while keeping local planning policies in mind. 


With our estimate of the project cost and how much value it would add to the property, you'll have the confidence to negotiate a fair price and proceed with the purchase. 


Contact us today to learn more.


Our Value Engineering service helps clients who have a project proposal about to go into construction but need to cut costs due to budget constraints, such as rising material costs. 


We evaluate the existing design and suggest ways to scale back elements or phase the build to manage costs without sacrificing quality or functionality.


Contact us today to learn more.

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It's easy to get started. Here's how:

Contact us by email or phone and tell us about your project. We'll provide details on pricing, availability and payment options.

If your project is a good fit for a Studio Session, we'll help you schedule an appointment and provide you with everything you need to prepare.

On the day of your appointment, our expert team will work with you to explore creative solutions and make a clear plan for your project.

During the Studio Day, we will provide guidance and support for the project, so that you can reach your desired outcome. 



Which service are you interested in?

Thanks for your enquiry! We'll get back to you very soon

Tips for getting the most out of your Interior Design Session:

Tips for getting the most out of your Planning Surgery:

  1. Collect images, swatches, paint colours, and other materials that reflect your vision and preferences.

  2. List your project goals and specific needs.

  3. Prepare questions for the designer.

  4. Take measurements of the space and create a layout.

  5. Photograph the space from different angles.

  6. Consider any desired amenities or features.

  7. Set a budget for the project.

  8. Make a list of desired materials, such as flooring, countertops, and wall treatments.

  9. Establish a timeline for project completion.

  10. Bring any existing furniture, artwork, or decor that will be used in the design.

  11. Be prepared to make decisions during the session.

  1. Bring inspiration images, sketches, or plans to explain your vision and preferences.

  2. Take photos of your property and the surrounding area for context.

  3. Consider potential challenges or limitations, such as access or existing structures.

  4. Discuss your budget and financing options.

  5. Make a list of questions or concerns.

  6. Collaborate and brainstorm with the designer.

  7. Take notes during the session.

  8. Review the report provided by the designer carefully.

  9. Be open to feedback and suggestions from the designer.

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