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Lynchmere Cottage






Lynchmere, Surrey


Completed 2019

Our brief was to expand the kitchen to include family dining, enhance views of the extensive garden and connect the separate outdoor social areas to the pool in a cohesive manner, while complying with listed building and South Downs conservation area requirements.

Our goal for Lynchmere Cottage was to enhance its heritage charm while improving its functionality. 


The single-story orangery we designed achieves this by providing ample natural light, a greater sense of internal height and seamless outdoor connections through fully opening corner bi-fold doors and interconnected amenity areas.

Lynchmere Cottage

We selected external materials that blend harmoniously with the soft weathered stonework. The Crown Pitched Roof, made of clay tiles, pays homage to the heritage design of the main dwelling.


To enhance a low-ceilinged, poorly lit music room that served as a thoroughfare to four other spaces, we designed a full-height picture window that doubles as a door, leading to a private courtyard defined by a contemporary pergola.

To elevate the kitchen's sense of height and space, we designed a feature step down within the new extension. This innovative solution creates a striking visual contrast with the low-ceilinged, listed design.


Our approach to combining classic and contemporary design with clean lines, simple shapes and a tranquil landscape resulted in a timeless yet modern design.

Lynchmere Cottage
Lynchmere Cottage

Timeless, Contemporary, Elegance

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